Posted by: surfingmums | July 31, 2010

Dinner Party Dramas?

Given that the weather has been pretty awful and the wave situation has been worse, I’ve been spending a bit of time in the kitchen of late (my partner is pretty happy I found it, its been a while… still allergic to the sink though and am thankful that my three-year-old is happy to do the dishes). So I was feeling all culinary this week and decided to share some fine food with some fine friends. No big deal but with 5 kids under five and six adults to please odds were something would go wrong. At 6 all is good, three kids happily eating burritos, one having some mush and the other breastfeeding. Plan is to get all kids fed and to bed, then for grown-up to eat at 7:30pm. Menu? Stuffed field mushrooms, roast tomatoes with olive oil, bean salad and chunky homemade wedges.

6:30 all kids in jammies, teeth brushed, plan running smoothly. Youngest two being settled while eldest three watch 1/2 hour of a surf movie. Tomatoes are almost done and potatoes go in the oven.
7:00 5 kids in bed. 0 kids asleep. Plan beginning to look shaky.
7:30 5 kids in bed – much calling out, squealing, shrieking and general loudness. Plan falling by the wayside.
8:00 1 child asleep, 2 trying to get to sleep, 2 still alive thanks to great parental restraint. Plan pretty much scrapped. Plan B? Liquid dinner anyone?
8:30 5 children pretending to sleep and thats good enough. Tomatoes have now gone from roasted stage to semi-dried and potatoes are somewhat crispy.
9:00 Adults finally eat.

Ah… its the simple things in life isn’t it? Thank goodness we woke to a sunny, off-shore day to provide a much needed mental health day!


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