Posted by: surfingmums | September 7, 2010

Almost AGM time!

The Surfing Mums AGM is almost here and I’m, strangely, looking forward to it! While the main purpose of the weekend is to get the association in order, I’m stoked to get the chance to meet and surf with parents from all over Australia. With board demos, hive giveaways, a beer or two and a BBQ it is shaping up to be a great weekend!
I was unable to make it to the AGM on the Goldy last year, but my son and I flew in from the Solomon Islands in 2008 for the first ever Surfing Mums Inc AGM in Byron and it was almost too much fun. My partner, who went instead to an in-country meeting in Honiara, certainly thought I had too much fun… He was super jealous -somehow megapodes and sulphourous gasses just don’t compare to the waves and company in Byron.
So it’ll be an exciting wait for me for the next few weeks. Somehow I think it won’t just be the kids getting up to mischief…


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