Posted by: surfingmums | March 13, 2011

New Year’s Resoloutions

One of my new years resolutions was to be on the ball with this whole blogging thing and, I swear, in my head I’m doing fine… I’ve composed amazing insights while sitting out the back or driving along or lying in bed feeding my bubba. Now I look back and realise that none of this has actually translated itself magically into cyberspace (ok, I’m actually kinda thankful that my thoughts don’t automatically get an HTML encryption and find their way here but, yanno, sometimes it would be helpful!).

What’s driven me to post today is two things.
1) I’m super excited that the Noosa Festival of Surfing has come around for another year. It’s a fun week and, though it sounds odd, one of the reasons I like it is because we always raffle off a board (kindly donated to us by our sponnos GSI – plug, plug, plug for their awesomeness). I love walking round talking to people from around the world and this gives me the opportunity. I met some great folk from all over today including some from New Caledonia which made me uber keen for a surf trip there with the fam. This brings me to point two…
2) Why? Just why??? I’m always surprised by the great reaction I get when talking about surfing mums with people. Not just people like Taj Burrow, who gave our Perth group a board, Tom Carrol, who is the only guy in a family of women and loves what we do or Bob McTavish, who consistently buys tickets in our board raffles to win a board he shaped, but people from all over the globe who love the concept.
In my four years with Surfing Mums, I’ve only ever come across two who felt they needed to cast aspersions on it.
One was a few years ago when a prominent young(ish) free surfer was in Noosa for the festival. Mate, I get that you get paid to surf and don’t have to even compete but that’s not real life for most of us. Real life is getting in the water whenever we possibly can!
The other was today… A guy I’ve known for about 10 years and is a self-styled “soul surfer” in the local community felt the need to comment on the surfing mums raffle saying “it sounds like an excuse for a couple of mums to get some money to drink.” Really? No, really? I love surfing. In no small way my family’s attachment to surfing affects our lives – where we live, where we travel, the jobs/careers we follow, how we spend our free time. I’m not in mags, I don’t have any segments in any movies. To discount me and all other surfing mums though is just plain rude. Next time I see this “soul surfer” in the surf I may just drop in on him…


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