Posted by: surfingmums | May 16, 2011

Joy and pain

It’s been a funny weekend here… I’ve lost most of Saturday and spent Sunday and Monday pretending people weren’t staring. It’s all the fault of the winter offshores…

After what seems like a year of rain, it was the most beautiful week. One I hadn’t seen in far too long. Clear blue skies, light offshore breezes and perfect little beachies. Saturday morning looked like being the last of the waves though so I snuck down to the beach for a mid-morning surf sans kids.

I was right! It was everything I thought it would be. Cold, clear water. Schools of fish. Perfect waves. I caught a few and thought about heading in when it happened. As I came off the wave, the wind caught my board and flung it back at me hitting my face with a loud “whack”. My hand flew to my face pressing down as I hoped and hoped that there was no blood. It seemed ok but I decided to go in anyway.

Arriving home I paused on my way to the shower to ask, “is there a bruise near my eye?” My partner’s face told me there was and the swelling, graze and black eye proved him right!!! The rest of Saturday was spent in a concussive haze.

Now I can notch up another injury in my list of surfing related incidents and accidents. It joins numerous scratches scars, bumps and bruises… and it could always have been worse, at least there were no sharks around! But even with all that it was worth it. It’s been raining and windy since.


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